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Need an outside assessment of your processes? Want fresh ideas and straight answers instead of a sales pitch? Looking for comprehensive solutions? 

Whether your patrons are clients, customers, or patients, we can help with...

On-location Management Consulting

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Dan outlines on-location help (3 min)

Welcome to our services page for management consulting.  Our management consulting program is for those who want on-location reviews and assistance focused on helping you identify and fix the internal or external business challenges you’re facing.

Are You Typical?

Regardless of whether you call your patrons customers, clients, or patients, typically you’re facing one or more issues like:

  • Your sales are flat and your bottom line is shrinking
  • You have a single account that represents more than 25% of gross sales... and your profit will evaporate if they leave
  • Poor cash flow is constraining your current operations
  • You must constantly engage in expensive new patron marketing to replace current patrons who should return, but don't
  • You just lost a good employee to the competition and you never saw it coming
  • You promoted Susan to management and now you have to manage for her
  • You've hired someone to run you accounting and admin for the third time, and now (s)he's not working out
  • You have internal processes (like production) or external processes (like sales) that you know need to be optimized or standardized, but you're not sure how or don't have the time to proceed
  • The day-to-day pressures of running your business are preventing you from developing an action plan to grow it
  • You're not sure whether your current business configuration will even support significant growth
  • Your business life one headache after another

Do these symptoms sound familiar? Do you want a comprehensive solution? We offer external and internal business growth assessments designed to identify areas for improvement and develop a comprehensive solution to position your business for the growth you want.

What Should You Look For in a Skilled Management Consultant?

A true professional is both a leader who leads by example and an effective contributing team member. A skilled management consultant:

  • Regards his profession as a calling to make substantial improvements in his client's business condition, not a cow to be milked.
  • Knows what he knows and is willing to share it.
  • Knows what he doesn't know and is prepared to say so.
  • Understands that effective partnership with the client is fundamental to a successful outcome.
  • Takes the necessary time to understand each client's unique situation and the desired outcomes.
  • Will turn down opportunities that don't match his skill set or otherwise aren't a good fit.
  • Can clearly articulate a vision, its intermediate goals, and the specific steps necessary to achieve them.
  • Is secure in his experience and knowledge base, having the courage of his convictions while respecting other points of view.
  • Has the seasoning from his experience, education, and training to assess any system, process, or method on its merits, ignoring office politics and other external pressures when considering the facts.
So, a skilled management consultant should be someone you can rely on to provide an unbiased, third party review and trust to use his skill set to make significant improvements in your internal or external business challenges.

How Does Our Process Work?

First, we listen to understand the challenges you’re facing, then we do an independent, on-location assessment of your business practices to identify areas for improvement, and help you formulate an action plan to move forward.

We use a two-stage strategy in working with you to develop your action plan.

Initially, we focus on "picking the low hanging fruit" to improve your bottom line profitability, in the shortest period of time, for the least amount of effort, and the smallest amount of human resources and capital expense.

Then, we stay with you to help with implementation and provide executive coaching over the longer term to ensure the systems we develop are implemented, the gains maintained, and the culture changes are institutionalized.  Our focus on is measurable, bottom line results.

How Do We Help You Move Forward?

Typically, we use several methods, including:

Executive Mentoring
Decision makers should be prepared to dedicate 2-4 hours of uninterrupted face time each week for mentoring, planning, and information exchange.  You say you can’t afford that much time?  Well, isn’t that the reason you’re contacting us now?
Strategic Goals
We help you formulate strategic goals tailored to your vision of what you want your business to be.
We help you create an action plan outlining the steps necessary to improve performance and achieve the goals you set.
We help you execute the plan.
Knowledge Transfer
We transfer our process and improvement knowledge to you and your staff, so you can continue to use it to prosper.  We don’t take the knowledge with us!

Working With Great Clients

Keep in mind that we only work with great clients.  Great clients are willing to talk frankly about the issues they’re facing and discuss them in depth.  Great clients are willing to listen as we explore the possible causes and potential solutions for your business challenges.  And finally, great clients are ready to act on the improvement measures we discuss and agree on, because you want results, right?  And you won’t get those results if you stay in the same performance rut that you’re trying to get out of.

Your Next Step

If you’re a great client, your next step is to get more information. So, Contact us to schedule some time with us.  Do it today.  You’ll be glad you did and we’ll look forward to hearing from you!