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"I found Dramatic Business Growth! to be a valuable tool. It's a must-read for anyone with no business ownership experience who is contemplating going into business for themselves."
Michael T. Hanley, CPA
Managing Partner
Merl & Hanley, LLP

"Dan's columns have made a real contribution to Business in Savannah magazine."
Gale Baldwin
Managing Editor
The Savannah Morning News

"The content of Immediately Improving Your Cash Flow is deep, rich, and logically laid out with both professionally produced CD's and a professionally bound and printed workbook, as well as many extras included in the album content."
Ed Wronski, CEO
Profitable Business Solutions
Sacramento CA

"I bought Instantly Increasing Your Sales Revenue and thought it was excellent. The strategies cost almost nothing and will increase my sales dramatically..."
Greg Mooneyham, Owner
Snap Fitness
Atlanta GA

"Wonderfully fresh.  Got some great new ideas and clarified some bad habits, but gave me the tools to fix them."
Wendy Nash-Dorta
Kasandas Properties, LLC
Atlanta GA

"Well done! After 10 years in the office equipment business, I understand how to communicate better!"
Amanda Lumsden
Ashley's Office Supply
Savannah GA

"Very good. I appreciate Dan's willingness to 'stray' off the subject to address specific needs."
Kris Britt, CEO
Crossroads Productions, Inc.
Pooler GA

"The best seminar I've been to..."
Dora Dyer
Horizon Staffing
Savannah GA

"I enjoyed the interaction. (I learned) some good points to add to my marketing plan."
Chuck Davis
Cargo Group, LLC
Port Wentworth GA

"Reinforced what my company is trying to do...Speaker gave realistic ideas on how to grow your business"
Mark Nolen
Building & Earth Sciences, Inc.
Savannah GA

"I really enjoyed today. It helped me to reapply principles to everyday business."
Bobbie Frost, President
Paperclip Office Supply
Garden City GA

"Absolutely outstanding!"
Dr. Jeff D. Standridge, Author,
The Abundance Principle:
Five Keys to Extraordinary Living

"A complete business education..."
Jason Leister
Jason Leister LLC
Flagstaff, AZ

"Top 10 business resource..."
Anne Alexander
Business Dev. Expert
Pisgah Forest NC

"The business owner's bible"
Dr. Steven Clauson
Assault Marketing
Elk Grove, CA

"The information on a structured referral program was great."
Jennifer Ranicki
Ranicki Chiropractic Wellness Ctr

Pooler GA

"The manual my business should have come with!"
Alex Makarski
bizLeverage Consulting Group
Toronto, Ontario

"This book will change the way you do business!"
Brian Erickson
Pacific Food Source
Issaquah, WA

"...A how-to manual for business success.."
Troy Authement
Strategic Profits
Austin, TX
Products & Resources

Dan's titles are highly rated on Amazon.com and he is recognized as an Expert Author by Ezines.com. That means you can shop our business boosting products page with confidence, knowing you'll find the very best resources that provide you with straight-to-the-point, no nonsense executive coaching on the growth and life of your business!

New Workshop Albums!
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Are you tired of "participating" in the Great Recession?

"These albums, based on my workshops by the same names, are the answer to the
questions business owners most frequently ask me in this recession,
'What can I do RIGHT NOW to get my business back on track?'"
blank space- Dan Elder, business growth strategist
blank spaceBusiness Growth Accelerators

Here's help! Full workshop albums from Business Growth Accelerators' seminar series on cost-effective business growth! These are the albums from the workshops the author conducts live in business forums! If you couldn't attend live, these are the next best thing to being there!

Each workshop album contains: the full-sized 8½ x 11 workbook,


Two bonus CD's!

dvd The audio workbook with Dan's additional commentary and insight from his 30 years of experience.
dvd An interview in the Lessons From the School of Hard Knocks: Interviews with the Experts series with experienced CEO's.


An action planner, ideas, examples, case studies, sample surveys, inspirational company profiles, and much more!!

Instantly Increase Your Sales Revenue! Effective strategies designed to increase the money coming into your business, even in the worst economic conditions!

Sales make the world go 'round and everyone wants more of them. Yet increasing sales revenue seems to require spending lots of money on mass market advertising and give-aways' and waiting to see if you get any results. Here''s how to do it! This workbook outlines step-by-step, strategies you can use TODAY at very little additional cost!

Listen to what you'll learn!

Create Customers For Life! Keep Your Customers Coming in Your Doors, While Your Competition is Closing Theirs!

Repeat customers are the lifeblood of any business. You want your customers to come back and you want them to tell their friends about your business so they'll come, too. This workbook outlines the steps to take to create customers for life, regardless of the business model you operate.

Listen to what you'll learn!

Immediately Improve Your Cash Flow! Over Two Dozen Specific Ways to Quickly Raise Cash and Control Your Business Costs!

Cash flow is king. A business runs on cash and if the cash runs out, the business dies. This workbook outlines over two dozen specific methods for generating cash flow when you find yourself in a financial situation with insufficient funds to meet their obligations. These are "over the counter" measures that you can take to buy time and work through your cash flow shortfall.

Listen to what you'll learn!


Dramatic Business Growth!* *…In the Face of Fierce Competition!

Most businesses fail! Large or small, old or new, most businesses eventually succumb, despite their owners' feverish and impassioned efforts. The small number that survives never grow to their full potential. Their owners do everything they think they're supposed to and work practically 24/7 to do it. Yet, their efforts no longer produce improved results. Most owners are technical experts in their field, but have never been to 'business ownership school'. So, they run their businesses just like everyone else in their industry does... and get the same crummy results everyone else gets!
  Do you know…
  • The 4 primary ways to grow your business? (If not, then you`re not using them!)
  • Whether you`re functioning as the master technician or the CEO of your business? (You`re probably fooling yourself here!)
  • That you`re playing by the competition`s rules? (Don`t think so? You`re in trouble!)
  • How to deal with the `nice` customers that are killing your business? (`They seemed so nice. I wonder where they went?`)
  • What your business`s unique competitive advantage is? (If not, why buy from you?)
  • The key to customers lining up outside your door, while other business owners in your market are handing their door keys to the bank?
Dramatic Business Growth shows you the practical, concrete steps to:
  • add the greatest number of dollars to your business's bottom line…
  • in the shortest amount of time…
  • for the smallest amount of human effort…
  • and the least amount of capital investment and risk possible, whether your patrons are patients, clients, or customers, and regardless of your industry. Packed with example letters, tables, and scripts.

The Knack

You'll recognize Norm Brodsky from his hugely popular "Street Smarts" monthly column in Inc. Magazine.

In our opinion, The Knack should be required reading for anyone starting out or at mid-career in business ownership. While not a 'how to' manual, it's packed full of Norm's hard-earned wisdom in small business ownership. Written in a popular, easy to read style, this book summarizes the advice that he has given entrepreneurs based on his 30 years of small business ownership experience.

It's a great read and regardless of your level of experience you'll learn something from it.

The Battle Scarred Guide to
Small Business Debt Relief and Recovery

We frequently see the results of poor business debt management practices in my practice, and if we had our way, this book would be required reading by every business owner before they ever opened their doors. We're pleased to recommend this book for those facing growth crippling business debt. Your business MUST SURVIVE in order to continue paying your salary, keep your business operating, and avoid loosing everything you own. Whether your financial situation requires you to quickly negotiate legal settlements, renegotiate loan terms, or simply raise immediate cash, this book will show you how to do it in clear, no-nonsense, readily understood ways that are so urgently needed in times of great stress.

The E-Myth Revisited

This is Gerber's second major book, where he revisits his original assumptions and expands on his original work. He walks you through the steps in the life of a business from entrepreneurial infancy, through adolescent growing pains, to the mature entrepreneurial perspective. He then shows how to apply the lessons of franchising to any business-whether or not it is a franchise. Finally, Gerber draws the vital, often overlooked distinction between working on your business and working in your business.

The E-Myth

This is Gerber's original book that first delivered straight talk about the entrepreneurial myths. Everyone that starts a business is a technician who suffers from an entrepreneurship seizure. Small businesses do not work the way intended because the technician only works in the business and can not also have the foresight to work on the business at the same time. An invaluable text for understanding what you're doing wrong.