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"(Retaining BGA) was one of the best decisions I could have made for the future of my business."
Sallie McClelland, CEO
Savannah Accounting
Savannah GA

"The best seminar I've been to..."
Dora Dyer
Horizon Staffing
Savannah GA

"Reinforced what my company is trying to do...Speaker gave realistic ideas on how to grow your business"
Mark Nolen
Building & Earth Sciences, Inc.
Savannah GA

"Absolutely outstanding!"
Dr. Jeff D. Standridge, Author,
The Abundance Principle:
Five Keys to Extraordinary Living

"A complete business education..."
Jason Leister
Jason Leister LLC
Flagstaff, AZ

"Top 10 business resource..."
Anne Alexander
Business Dev. Expert
Ft. Collins CO

"The business owner's bible"
Dr. Steven Clauson
Assault Marketing
Elk Grove, CA

"The information on a structured referral program was great."
Jennifer Ranicki
Ranicki Chiropractic Wellness Ctr
Pooler GA

"The manual my business should have come with!"
Alex Makarski
bizLeverage Consulting Group
Toronto, Ontario

"This book will change the way you do business!"
Brian Erickson
Pacific Food Source
Issaquah, WA

Frequently Asked Questions

Business Coaching

Q: Why should I consider working with a coach?
A: Famous athletes have personal coaches because, even though they are already very successful, they want to be even more so. Pros know the value of having an objective person who is totally on your side, but won't let you get away with things that don't help you reach your goals.

Like great athletes, the most successful business owners and executives use a business or executive coach, or have great advisors and mentors they can tap on a regular basis as a confidential sounding board and thinking partner.

Q: How does phone-based coaching work?
A: You pick the topics and set the agenda! Each weekly one hour phone session is tightly focused on your business, where you get personalized answers for your unique business situation and the challenges you face. Dan brings his 30 years of military, corporate America, and business ownership experience, and his knowledge of literally hundreds of business models to bear, sharing the information you need to solve your business challenges. Plus, you receive an autographed copy of Dramatic Business Growth!.

We ask for an initial 3 month coaching commitment to meet an hour every week in order to learn about your specific challenges, work with you to create a game plan, help you with milestones to implement that game plan, and have time to begin seeing results. We are pleased to offer a 10% discount to those who prefer to pay for the initial 3 month period in full in advance.

Q: Who can benefit most from your services as a business coach?

  1. A small business owner, in business at least several years, who is really motivated to do what it takes to significantly grow their business, or
  2. An executive or manager at medium sized companies who:
    • has been recently promoted and wants help to ensure success in new position,
    • is approaching burn out and doesn't want to go there, or
    • wants to leave and go do something else, but is having trouble actually doing it or wants help with the transition.

Q: Isn't a franchise-based coach a better choice? After all, they have professionally developed material.
A: Business owners who choose to work with us are generally folks who want independent advice. Typically, they would also hire an independent fee-for-services financial advisor or an independent CPA, because they want answers they know are designed to help them and no one else, instead of a thinly disguised sales pitch from a commissioned sales rep with a limited product offering.

Likewise, if you're happy being coached by a government employee, then you'll also probably be satisfied with a franchise owner with no particular business experience, using the typical cook book, “5 step method” approach of a franchise model. And there's no guarantee the material the franchisee is using has been developed by grizzled business professionals.

We have extensive experience in franchise business models, which is great for the many franchise owners and master franchisees who want coaching. However, we can't recommend franchise-based coaching because there are no ironclad experience requirements for owning a coaching franchise. Some owners may have had managerial experience in the sheltered environment of a large corporation, but they've never risked their assets on a business venture. Others may have had a distinguished military career, but they've never had to make a profit or payroll at the end of the week.

Who would you rather have advising you?