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What Others Say!

"Dan's columns have made a real contribution to Business in Savannah magazine."
Gale Baldwin
Managing Editor
The Savannah Morning News

"The speed networking was fun!... That was the most active and engaging that crowd had been in a while... a fun lunch!
Casey Jones
WJCL TV News Anchor

"(Retaining BGA) was one of the best decisions I could have made for the future of my business."
Sallie McClelland, CEO
Savannah Accounting
Savannah GA

"Your informative and interactive lecture was truly enjoyable. You made the kind of 'non-sexy' subject of our event into a very fun and engaging presentation."
Orjan Isacson, atdc Director
Savannah Campus
Georgia Tech

"The best seminar I've been to..."
Dora Dyer
Horizon Staffing
Savannah GA

"I found Dramatic Business Growth! to be a valuable tool. It's a must-read for anyone with no business ownership experience who is contemplating going into business for themselves."
Michael T. Hanley, CPA
Managing Partner
Merl & Hanley, LLP

"The content of Immediately Improving Your Cash Flow is deep, rich, and logically laid out with both professionally produced CD's and a professionally bound and printed workbook, as well as many extras included in the album content."
Ed Wronski, CEO
Profitable Business Solutions
Sacramento CA

"I bought Instantly Increasing Your Sales Revenue and thought it was excellent. The strategies cost almost nothing and will increase my sales dramatically..."
Greg Mooneyham, Owner
Snap Fitness
Atlanta GA

"Reinforced what my company is trying to do...Speaker gave realistic ideas on how to grow your business."
Mark Nolen
Building & Earth Sciences, Inc.
Savannah GA

"Absolutely outstanding!"
Dr. Jeff D. Standridge, Author,
The Abundance Principle:
Five Keys to Extraordinary Living

"This book will change the way you do business!"
Brian Erickson
Pacific Food Source
Issaquah, WA

Recession? Grow YOUR Business Anyway!
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Dramatic Business Growth by Dan Elder
5 stars on Amazon.com!
Our newly released book
on growing your business
in tough times

Welcome to Business Growth Accelerators, the home of Spectacular Business Growth. We want to extend a personal welcome to you through our welcome video where Dan outlines the help and resources for you on our site. We look forward to meeting you!

If you're not satisfied with your business's performance in these tough economic times. . . or even if you're doing OK, but want to blow the doors off of your competition. . . then we can help you. Read on!

What We Do
We use public speaking, seminars, workshops, executive business coaching, and on-location management consulting to help business owners grow their businesses using our copyrighted system of proven, low cost strategies, in the shortest time, with the smallest human resource and capital expense.

We're dedicated to helping small and mid-sized business owners implement growth strategies, even in tough economic times. We help owners in:

  • The professions, such as dentists, chiropractors, and CPAs
  • Service industries, or
  • Retail and wholesale product sales industries
to cost-effectively grow their businesses.

We also help organizations and non-profits, such as Chambers of Commerce, with their business outreach through organization sponsored public speaking, seminars, and workshops.

Business coaching free report How We Do It
Our tools include public speaking, internal and external seminars and workshops, executive business coaching and mentoring, internal and external process optimization, and management consulting, planning and execution. We're there with you all the way! We don't “pump and dump”! See our Services page for more info.

We'll even offer you a FREE guide to Surviving The 'Great Recession". Why would we give away such valuable business strategy information that we could sell? Because when you see all the great ideas we have in just this one area, you'll want to know more about how we can help YOU! And that's good for us. Check out our Free Resources page for even more FREE help, then contact us and ask for your FREE copy of Flooding Your Business With New Customers.

Who We Work With
Our clients are business owners who are REALLY MOTIVATED to do what it takes to grow their businesses. They are willing to share the challenges they face, be challenged by straight-shooting (but encouraging) feedback on their progress, direction, and changes needed, and implement agreed-on recommendations. Our hallmark is content and RESULTS.

Your Next Steps
Browse our site, see if you're making the typical mistakes so many owners make, check out our free resources, review our products, and then contact us today to schedule your free consult. You'll be glad you did!

Contact us for more information on business coaching, on-site management consulting, or motivational speaking. We look forward to hearing from you.